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Visit with a Bankruptcy Trustee in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick

Tired of those daily collection phone calls, endless threatening letters, and sleepless nights? WBLI Insolvency Consultants has over 30 years of experience with debt relief and will help you find the right solution to your financial troubles.

Financial difficulties and bankruptcy can be overwhelming. Don’t try to figure it out yourself. Turn to a bankruptcy trustee in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick for expert help. We’ll help you recover from debt with bankruptcy, or a consumer proposal.

If you are just beginning to feel the pinch of debt, we’ll help you avoid getting in over your head. Even if you feel bankruptcy is the only way out, there is still hope. We’ll negotiate with your creditors and get rid of those stressful phone calls.

We handle both personal and corporate debt issues and bankruptcy. Meet our professional staff and get started on the path to financial freedom today.

Joe Wilkie (jwilkie@wbli.ca)


Joe is President of WBLI Inc. and has over 30 years of experience.

Meet Joe

Tina Powell (tpowell@wbli.ca)


Tina delivers practical solutions to financial problems.

Meet Tina

Tara Silliker (tsilliker@wbli.ca)


Tara solves financial problems for our clients at all of our New Brunswick locations.

Meet Tara

Rick Adams (radams@wbli.ca)


Rick’s calm nature brings a positive approach to solving financial concerns.

Meet Rick

Don Leet (dleet@wbli.ca)


Don is Vice-President of WBLI Inc. Don is a trustee in corporate bankruptcy.

Meet Don

Eric Findlay (efindlay@wbli.ca)


Eric deals with both personal & corporate insolvency.

Meet Eric

Karen DiGiosia (kdigiosia@wbli.ca)


Since 1996 Karen has guided clients through financial issues with a friendly & professional manner.

Meet Karen

Ryan Tucker (rtucker@wbli.ca)


Ryan’s approachable manner will help provide you with a path forward.

Meet Ryan