Warning Signs

Combat Financial Warning Signs with Halifax Debt Management Services

Some serious financial problems develop over time. Below are some initial questions that can help determine whether or not filling for bankruptcy is down the road or around the corner.

Once you have reviewed these questions, contact WBLI Insolvency Consultants in Halifax for debt management services.

Signs to look out for:

  • Are you charging daily expenses to your credit cards?
  • Are you making only minimum payments on your credit card accounts each month?
  • Do you depend on a second job or overtime pay to cover monthly bills?
  • Do you borrow money from friends and relatives to pay for basic expenses?
  • Are you depending on cash advances to cover your credit bills?
  • Have you cleaned out your savings account as a way of paying your debts?
  • Do you float or bounce checks, hoping checks you’ve written don’t clear before payday?
  • Do you know the total amount of debt that you owe?
  • Can you account for all of your debt?
  • Do you purposely hide credit bills from family members?
  • Do you leave your bills unopened?
  • Have you consolidated debts through a high-interest lender, or are you considering doing so?
  • Is your financial trouble creating problems in your family life?


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