Debt Solutions

Avoid Bankruptcy with Credit Counselling in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Feeling hopelessly lost in a sea of debt? Bankruptcy is not the only way out of your troubles. Our team of debt management professionals at WBLI will conduct a thorough assessment of your debt and help you find a solution.

In some cases, debt consolidation is a better alternative to bankruptcy. You might also benefit from having us directly negotiate with your creditors in a consumer proposal.

Our professional, caring team of experts offers skilled handling of your financial situation. Get credit counselling in Halifax or one of our other 17 offices across Nova Scotia.

Solutions for Bankruptcy in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

If our experts do determine bankruptcy to be the best solution, we can guide you through the entire process. With our specialists in bankruptcy in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, we are knowledgeable in all of the bankruptcy regulations.

Relief from relentless phone calls and the stress of not being able to pay is just a phone call away. Call us to talk to one of our consultants for debt management today. When dealing with personal or corporate bankruptcy, Halifax residents place their trust in us.

WBLI has offices across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We will come to you.

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