WBLI Merges with MNP LLP

WBLI is pleased to announce we have merged with MNP, one of the largest national accounting and business consulting firms in Canada, effective January 1, 2017.

While WBLI was looking to expand their breadth of specialty services, MNP was seeking to build on its presence in Atlantic Canada with a well-respected and client-focused firm that shares the same values. This is truly a mutually-beneficial union and we are very excited to have found a firm that puts clients first.

Our clients can be assured they will receive the same level of commitment and will benefit from the additional knowledge, resources and experience in numerous industry and specialty areas — across more than 75 locations from coast to coast. As part of MNP, we will continue to deliver value-added services to our clients by drawing on MNP’s expertise in many disciplines.

We look forward to continuing to meet your needs through MNP.

For more information, visit www.mnp.ca or contact Kirk D. Higgins, FCPA, FCA, at 902.493.5452


Having debt problems? Need debt help? Think you are alone? Since 1994, thousands in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have turned to WBLI for debt help. More than 125,000 Canadians filed for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal in 2015.

WBLI Incorporated is locally owned and operated and is here to provide debt help solutions. We are licensed by Government of Canada to provide consumer proposals and bankruptcy services in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We also serve Prince Edward Island. We provide debt help to both individuals and companies. We have 5 licensed Trustees in Bankruptcy to assist you.

Debt problems can be caused by job layoffs, illness, business failure, marriage breakdown or other causes.

Worried about losing your home or car? Most people are able to keep both of these whether they file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal.

When you need help finding your way out of financial crisis, you can trust WBLI Insolvency Consultants to handle your personal or corporate bankruptcy or proposal in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick with extreme care and confidentiality. We take fast action on your behalf. We’ll negotiate with your creditors to stop the relentless calls, collection mail, and harassment so you can begin to find hope again.


17 Locations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Bankruptcy is only one option and might not be your best option. At WBLI, we begin by evaluating your personal or corporate financial position. Then, we review the options that will allow you to determine the best option to help you meet your obligations and goals

Consumer Proposal

Stop interest payments today

This is a legal agreement presented to your creditors that offers to settle your debts based on the amount you can afford to pay. A Consumer Proposal can reduce the principal owing and stop interest. You’ll be able to pay your debts at a more manageable level instead of being overwhelmed by your debts. A Consumer Proposal can only be done by a licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy in New Brunswick and a Trustee in Bankruptcy or Administrator in Nova Scotia.

Financial Counselling

Focus on you

As part of the bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal processes we provide financial counselling and provide money management tips.

Debt Consolidation

Gather your resources

This is a loan from a lending institution that allows you to pay off your debts so you have fewer payments and can get rid of financial stress. A lending institution will assess if you can meet your loan payments to repay the loan.


Helping you through the paperwork

Bankruptcy may be an option to deal with your debts. We’ll help you through the process and we deal with your creditors. When dealing with personal bankruptcy, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick residents can look to WBLI Insolvency Consultants for professional advice. Secured creditors may be maintained to allow to the retain your home and car.

A Listening Ear

Any time you need us

With over 30 years of experience and many locations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, help is just a phone call or click away.

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